Beware of scammers using call number spoofing to trick people!

How do scammers use call number spoofing to trick people?Know all about it and prevent this fraud.

There has been a significant rise in impersonation scams related to toll-free number spoofing or fake Google search results.

How does it happen?

Toll-free number spoofing: Fraudsters spoof legitimate
toll-free numbers and / or use mobile numbers that look similar to toll-free numbers of legitimate institutions to extract confidential information or convince users to download third party applications which could potentially give them direct access to your mobile phone and data.
Fake Google Search results: Fraudsters post their numbers on the internet as the customer care numbers of legitimate institutions to misdirect consumers into calling them.

Here are some tips that can help you
avoid such impostor scams:
Toll-free numbers are ideally meant for receiving customer calls and NOT making outgoing calls.
Do not blindly trust your caller ID and use the 'Block' feature.
Always visit the official website of the company that you wish to contact for their legitimate contact information.
Always access the bank’s website by trying the URL in the address bar of your browser
Avoid downloading any unknown applications on your devices that are referred by persons you do not know or trust.
Do not share any confidential information like OTP, Passwords, PIN, CVV, etc. with anyone.
No company of repute would ever request their customer to share any confidential or account related information.