Axis Bank is India’s third largest private sector bank, offering a wide spectrum of financial products and services to customer segments spanning retail, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and corporate businesses.

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Progress in 2017-18

`691,330 crores

Total Assets 15% y-o-y growth

`453,623 crores

Total Deposits 9% y-o-y growth

`439,650 crores

Total Advances 18% y-o-y growth

`56,747 crores

Total Income 1% y-o-y growth

`18,618 crores

Net Interest 3% y-o-y growth

`131,022 crores

Market Capitalisation

22.34 Million

Debit Card Base

4.48 Million

Credit Card Base


Capital Adequacy Ratio


Tier - I Capital Adequacy Ratio


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To be the preferred financial solutions provider excelling in customer delivery through insight, empowered employees and smart use of technology.


  • Customer Centricity
  • Ethics
  • Transparency
  • Teamwork
  • Ownership

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At Axis Bank, our retail banking segment offers end-to-end banking solutions to our retail customers through multiple channels. Our wide range of products and services include term deposits, loans, investments and payment solutions.

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Our corporate banking solutions comprise credit, transaction banking, treasury, syndication, investment banking and trustee services.

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  • Total Deposits
  • Total Advances
  • Retail Advances
  • CASA
  • Savings Bank Deposits
  • Current Account Deposits
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Total Deposits

Deposit franchise delivers yet another strong year

  • 17-18 453,623
  • 16-17 414,379
  • 15-16 357,968
  • 14-15 322,442
  • 13-14 280,945

 5-year CAGR 12% y-o-y growth 9%

Total Advances

Loan growth continues to remain strong

  • 17-18 439,650
  • 16-17 373,069
  • 15-16 338,774
  • 14-15 281,083
  • 13-14 230,067

 5-year CAGR 17% y-o-y growth 18%

Retail Advances

Loan portfolio of the Bank is now dominated by Retail, representing 47% of total advances

  • 17-18 206,465
  • 16-17 167,993
  • 15-16 138,521
  • 14-15 111,932
  • 13-14 88,028

 5-year CAGR 26% y-o-y growth 23%


Low cost deposits continue to report healthy growth

  • 17-18 243,852
  • 16-17 213,050
  • 15-16 169,445
  • 14-15 144,400
  • 13-14 126,462

 5-year CAGR 17% y-o-y growth 14%

Savings Bank Deposits

Low cost deposits continue to report healthy growth

  • 17-18 148,202
  • 16-17 126,048
  • 15-16 105,793
  • 14-15 88,292
  • 13-14 77,776

 5-year CAGR 18% y-o-y growth 18%

Current Account Deposits

Low cost deposits continue to report healthy growth

  • 17-18 95,650
  • 16-17 87,002
  • 15-16 63,652
  • 14-15 56,108
  • 13-14 48,686

 5-year CAGR 15% y-o-y growth 10%

message from the managing director & CEO

Dear Shareholders,

As we enter our 25th year of operations, it gives me immense satisfaction to share that the Bank over all these years has not only helped businesses and individuals make real progress in their lives, but our contribution towards society has had a deeper impact beyond the economic growth of the nation. I would like to share with you all one such real-life story, which I experienced during one of our visits to a rural branch.

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shikha sharma

Managing Director & CEO

national priorities

India continues to progress with wide-ranging policy reforms and initiatives. The result is that the country today presents unprecedented opportunities for global and domestic businesses.

The government is putting more emphasis on infrastructure development, entrepreneurship and investment, improving the business climate, enhancing productivity and fostering strong and sustainable growth.

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We delivered a million micro loans (average ticket size of `18,000) to women through our micro-lending programme on a joint-lending model. The loans were given for various purposes such as entrepreneurship and children’s education. Besides, we are financing Lakmé Salon franchisees (75% of the Lakmé franchisees are women entrepreneurs).

Enriching customer experiences

We are encouraged by the fact that customer expectations are never static. They continue to evolve and challenge us to think better and work smarter. We depend on deep data analytics to gain insights into emerging trends and aspirations and accordingly tailor bespoke solutions.

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We were India’s first bank to launch a Forex card for international travellers in 2002. We are now the market leader with over 45% market share. We also launched India travel card - India’s first and only Indian currency prepaid travel card for foreign nationals.

Nurturing future achievers

To drive our future transformation, our people will require new skills and capabilities to reflect the changing needs of the business. Therefore, we continue to devise solutions to attract, develop and retain these skills and capabilities, while fostering a culture that reinforces our core values.

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Our annual recognition programme - Axis Champions - fosters cultural alignment across the organisation and recognises champions for their efforts. During 2017-18, the programme received 15,000 nominations from across the country.

Purpose beyond profit

At Axis Bank, we look at ourselves as a catalyst for progress. Axis Bank Foundation (ABF) furthers this by enabling opportunities that enhance incomes for those who are economically and socially backward or disadvantaged through its Sustainable Livelihood programme.

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One of the key outcomes of the Rural Livelihood programme is higher returns for farmers. A higher return, along with conducive ecosystem that includes access to finance and markets, ensures long-term sustainability.